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Is it possible for LCD and Projector to co-exist? peterpan777 Feb 23rd, 12, 09:50 PM #1

Dear enthusiasts,
I am looking for an audio solution for both an LCD and projector to co-exist with all my systems. I've got a media player hooked up to an AV Receiver (onkyo sr-508) and the receiver is hooked up to both my projector and LCD.

The problem is, the 5.1 speakers connected to the Onkyo are positioned permanently for accurate sound if I were seated in front of the LCD.
The projector screen is PERPENDICULAR (90degrees angle) to the LCD and thus I have to change my seating position to face the projector screen. Therefore, the sound comes out from funny directions.

Is there any way to program the speakers to give out accurate sound for either LCD usage or projector usage?

thanks in advance!

A noob

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wwenze Feb 24th, 12, 08:04 AM #2
Place all your speakers at the corners of a square or rectangle and let them fire 45 degrees from the edges of the square and towards you.

Next, go into the audio settings of FFDShow or MPC-HC and select mixer / audio switcher.
Thanks to wwenze for this useful post! Feb 24th, 12, from peterpan777
peterpan777 Registered User

Join Date: Nov 2005
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peterpan777 Feb 24th, 12, 11:44 AM #3
Great idea! I forgot to mention though that my media player is not a computer...It is a AC RYAN media player, so I havent got such settings. Any ideas?
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