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ASUS Xtreme Phase Online Contest/Survey ASUSinside Jun 16th, 09, 09:06 PM #1

ASUS was asking me what do our users like best about their motherboards and so I suggest to them why not ask the users themselves? Instead of simply conducting a poll where the choices are fix let the users tell us in their own words. Of course we should reward their valuable feedback

And so without further ado I present the

ASUS Xtreme Phase Online Contest

Tell us your favourite feature in ASUS P45/X58 motherboards and why you like it. Best 2 entries win an ASUS Rampage II GENE or Maximus II GENE mobo!

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

How to take part?
Simply post your favorite features in this thread. Always edit your original post if you have changes.

1) Contest valid from 15th June to 12th Jul 2009. Winners will be announced and notified by PM within 2 weeks upon end of contest.
2) Only the 1st entry per person will be accepted.
3) Duplicate entries in all forums will be considered as 1 submission base on earlier posting date.
4) Contest is only open to residents in Singapore.
5) Self-collection of prizes needed.
6) Judges decision is final.

Look forward to everyone's feedback

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ASUSinside Member

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ASUSinside Jun 16th, 09, 09:07 PM #2
Since we got this contest/survey going I think these information might prove very useful for users who ain't as familiar with ASUS mobos.

ASUSinside Member

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ASUSinside Jun 16th, 09, 09:09 PM #3

ASUSinside Member

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ASUSinside Jun 16th, 09, 09:09 PM #4

ASUSinside Member

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ASUSinside Jun 16th, 09, 09:10 PM #5
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extr3mus Jun 17th, 09, 01:45 PM #6
ROG says it all

Live the way you want it to be, don't waste it.

F@|c0n Registered User

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F@|c0n Jun 17th, 09, 01:47 PM #7

always love the overclocking abilities of asus motherboard.
with now even more Phase, I can have better oc abilities, with better voltages, cooler temps around the CPU area.

Whats more is asus's motherboard design is great, designs allow flexibility of what stuffs u want to put in there(like PCI slots) and would very well suit my watercooling set up now
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無名 Jun 17th, 09, 01:54 PM #8
I like the ASUS Rampage II Gene cos its the first mATX motherboard to combine the full performance capabilities of a top end chipset while maintaining a svelte form factor.
Another thing is its e first micro-ATX motherboard to fully support both ATI CrossfireX and nVidia SLI graphics.

Asus P8H67-M PRO Rev B3
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PinkBurnsBlack Intel user

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PinkBurnsBlack Jun 17th, 09, 01:56 PM #9
it is affordable!
it supports c2d which I use.
It has more than enough ram slots for me to run my apps smoothly
It supports Xfire which is totally vital for ATI users
The northbridge/southbridge heatsinks are made of copper and has heatpipes.
I'm running on 500fsb multiplier 7 and the motherboard temp is 38degrees celcius(using stock cooler)
It is black and looks kickass with my computer.
It has 5 fan sockets so you duneed to use adapter to setup more fans
It is a 100%kickass mobo!
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inxlee Obsolete

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inxlee Jun 17th, 09, 01:59 PM #10
take part in hwz can take part in vrz too? we are all one big family! here it goes.

Xtreme Phase with Xtra Performance, Xtra Stability and Xtra Cool. What more Xtra you want!? Why Asus? Top Notch Quality, Best Mobo Colour Choices, Solid Japanese Caps and the reputable Asus Brand! Also has the biggest i7 and smallest i7 mobo that has killer looks and features having all that power in a sff is a dream can even fit 2x295gtx inside! (got pictures to proof!) all that power plus asus incorporating a environmentally friendly epu designed to save power SAVE GAIA!!! The Lian Li V350 that i purchased from the promo is quite lonely now actually.:look:

ok maybe i want a Xtra Board.
see the mobo so thick cannot snap
vken27 Registered User

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vken27 Jun 17th, 09, 02:10 PM #11
Here's what i think is the most important.

1. matx form factor
2. xtra durability
3. xtra cool
4. black pcb
5. sata placements.
xdeadx Registered User

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xdeadx Jun 17th, 09, 02:27 PM #12
Firstly, why do we need a ASUS motherboard? ASUS produces one of the best motherboard in the universe whether it is for gamers or home users. What more can you request from the ASUS when they have already provided end users with ASUS Xtreme Phase which gives you the benefits of :

Xtreme Performance for fast lightning and quick responsive actions.

Xtreme Stability which helps even beginners overclock without hassle and damaging their components. It allows longer durability too which means the components of the computer can have a longer lifespan.

Xtreme Cool for faster cooling action which means that the user need not install more 3rd party fans or even heatsink fan! This also means that less energy is required to power the computer and it helps save our polluted Earth!

ASUS produces high quality motherboards which can be seen from the solid capacitors used in the motherboard and the layout design of the motherboard which allow better cooling within the board itself.

i personally use a ASUS P45 motherboard, and i feel it is going satisfy me for a long time.
junjie433 Registered User

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junjie433 Jun 17th, 09, 02:32 PM #13
The compact size with many features shown from Rampage II gene in mATX. It comes at a cheaper price which i think more ppl can afford with so many features.

1)ROG EZ DIY Features
As what other asus premium board which helps alot in debugging oc problems.

2)ASUS EPU-6 Engine
Energy saving module that asus is making it more green. Running at auto saving mode helps to save electricity.

More phase change = higher effectivity and lesser chance of going to reboot at high load.

4)premium pcb with stack2 allows lower temperature for overclocking.
Best is get watercooling for motherboard with hybrid features.

5)double bios allow recovery from corrupted bios and save the trouble from tedious bios crash recovery.

6)CPU level up and memory level up assist in simple overclocking.

7)Able to crossfire and sli. More selection of GPU

8)triple channel memory in mATX size board allow greater bandwidth.

9) Lastly extreme tweaker is the good menu to overclock through forum or try & errors.
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Jerrold Jun 17th, 09, 02:39 PM #14
Asus produces reliable and wonderful overclocking motherboards and they are more or less affordable. Crossfire is available on almost every mid-range board except for a number of boards , thus making upgrading very convinient for ATI graphic users. Cheap board+wonderful oc , what more can you ask for?
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Bla bla blacksheep

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ForbiddenB Jun 17th, 09, 02:42 PM #15
ASUS Rampage II Gene
Why choose it over other X58 board?
- It aims not only for computer user, but for hardcore gamer too, thus providing a long lifespan of motherboard is necessary and it provided it all.
- We want a motherboard that provide good OC capability, and stability, but also retaining it temperature low, and this board does it all.
- The capacitor in the board is able to last long enough most board due to its high-end japanese quality solid capacitor.
- Energy saving motherboard
- SLI/Crossfire support, just what the gamers need.
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