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PRC Worker 4 Hour Suicide Drama @ Holland Village bigsale Oct 21st, 11, 05:13 AM #1
Foreign worker threatens suicide near Holland Village

Roads were closed off due to the suicide drama.

A foreign worker created a commotion at a construction site near Holland Village yesterday.

The four-hour drama happened at Taman Warna at about noon, when a 35-year-old construction worker climbed to the top of construction scaffoldings and began shouting in the heavy rain.

According to a co-worker, the Chinese national worker had skipped lunch and gone to sit alone at the top of the scaffoldings.

The co-worker said, "It was raining heavily at the time. He was ranting about wanting to kill himself, so we quickly asked the supervisor to call the police."

The co-worker explained that the man was recently injured at work and had tried to get compensation from the company but his claim was rejected.

"When the police and Civil Defence arrived, the man gestured repeatedly to his waist. That could be where he was hurt," said the co-worker.

According to witnesses, the man was perched in a very precarious position at the time and could have fallen to his death at any moment.

Work was also halted at the construction site while the police deployed a negotiator to talk to the agitated man. The boss in charge of the construction project also showed up to speak to the worker.

It took four hours before the man willingly climbed down from the scaffoldings. He was then arrested on charges of attempted suicide.

Source: Foreign worker threatens suicide near Holland Village - inSing.com

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DynamiteZerg Oct 21st, 11, 06:32 AM #2
Another guy who thinks what works in his home country will work here too. Wasting public resources for nothing.

Those who really want to die will not create a commotion. They will just jump without people noticing. Clearly this guy is out for attention.
Thanks to DynamiteZerg for this useful post! Oct 21st, 11, from qussl3
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lennardseah Oct 21st, 11, 08:03 AM #3
should throw him under the bus
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qussl3 Oct 21st, 11, 11:56 AM #4
Stick and air cushion under him and go have kopi.

When he decides to come down charge him and stick him with the bill.

Jackass is just wasting our money.
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wenasong Oct 21st, 11, 07:54 PM #5
Originally Posted by lennardseah View Post
should throw him under the bus
This is so Cartman.
Bzzzzzzzzzzzzt Blitz.

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Philip Oct 21st, 11, 08:04 PM #6
Originally Posted by bigsale View Post
It took four hours before the man willingly climbed down from the scaffoldings. He was then arrested on charges of attempted suicide.

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xtemujin Oct 21st, 11, 09:02 PM #7
I would not blame the China worker as that is how things are done there.

Quite rare to see India and Bangladesh workers doing these things.
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