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    Tablets and e-readers signal end of real books

    Tablet computers and e-readers may put an end to real paper-based books, according to a number of studies on the continuing growth of the ebook market.

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    Tablets and e-readers signal end of real books

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    I guess not many can afford such device~

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    Nope, I still prefer reading real books, I work in front of computer 8 hours every day, my eyes need to have a rest after work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mosmos View Post
    I guess not many can afford such device~
    Its really cheap, as cheap as about S$110 for a kindle?

    Compared to books that easily cost S$10-50/book, its probably more affordable.

    I mean that's comparing owning an ebook and owning real books. Most could probably go to the library to borrow books for free
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    Buy books and sell old books online is another way to reduce the loss. eBook is non-transferable but prone to priate. Either way, both are on par.