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Police Posts may have 'safe rooms' in future viperhunter Feb 26th, 12, 09:20 PM #1
I'm posting this late news as this Newsroom seem to be devoid of any news!

Police Posts may have 'safe rooms' in future


SINGAPORE: Authorities are looking at putting 'safe rooms' in future Neighbourhood Police Posts (NPPs) in Singapore.

These rooms allow people to take refuge from crime perpetrators if the police posts are closed.

The uses of such a room are varied. For example, someone being chased by an aggressor can hide in the room for instant protection.

Current police posts do not have such rooms for use by the public.

Authorities are in the process of seeking feedback on the feasibility of such a facility.

In the finals of a tertiary competition held on Friday, students were asked to pitch concepts on how the safe rooms should function.

This is in addition to other ideas on how future police posts may operate.

Good concepts from the students will be incorporated in trial designs for future police posts.

The winners of the police post design competition were teams from Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University.

Each team had their own unique concept of how a 'safe room' could work.

Foo Rui Shan, a member of the team from Singapore Management University, said: "Our idea of the safe zone is designed in such a way that users like...normal civilians...can enter a zone where there is a computer interface to lodge crime reports and the same time, in times of emergency, or in danger, they can activate an emergency button where this zone will be doubled-up as a place that protects them."

Xu Mingjie, a member of the team from Nanyang Technological University, said: "When you are actually in a panic and running away from someone, you are probably not thinking very straight. So we had an L-shaped door. So, simply by pushing and entering the room right, the L-shaped door will simply close behind you."

- CNA/fa/ms

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longsiew Mar 8th, 12, 01:32 PM #2
what is that L-shaped door??
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iamthecleaner Mar 9th, 12, 10:38 AM #3
WTF i misread and i thought police posts may have "panic rooms" in future!
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