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Keep USD investments or convert back to SGD? 123com May 2nd, 12, 12:46 PM #1
Hmm, have some small investments that are maturing soon. Money/finance experts got any advice to offer? Should I leave it as USD or convert it to SGD?

If I leave it as USD, how does that work? Is it better to open a USD account in a local bank or should I try to find a way to open an account in the USA with a bank there?

Sorry, no clue... grateful for any advice

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Ideasmiths May 2nd, 12, 01:47 PM #2
This should be in the money subforum....

Anyway, NOT an advice but just some information. US owes more money than it can earn per year and getting worst...so it needs to print more money which means every dollar is worth less and less. The money is not backed by any precious material (eg gold), only the promise that the paper is good.

So lets say every year drop 5%, it will still beat putting it into local saving account 0.1%. Not counting inflation of course, just comparing currency. Simple solution is to convert back to SGD once mature and forget about the headache of opening foreign currency accounts/etc

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Thanks to Ideasmiths for this useful post! May 2nd, 12, from 123com
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qussl3 May 2nd, 12, 02:13 PM #3
Inflation can kill the election.

SGD up unless the world blows up ala 2008.
Thanks to qussl3 for this useful post! May 2nd, 12, from 123com
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Armoney May 3rd, 12, 02:37 PM #4
Maybe now is not a good time. The USD rate is very low.
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