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    Unhappy How much does it cost to rent a room nowadays?

    Well, my house is getting smaller, no choice but to move out soon.

    Anyone knows what is the market rate currently for a common room in a HDB flat? Or any hostels also can. Preferably those central areas one. No need orchard, but places like rochor, bugis, kk, pek kio, novena also can.

    Any lobangs or contacts please intro, thanks people.

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    Toa Payoh. 5 mins walk to TPY MRT Station and TPY Central.

    S$630. w/ Air-Con + Washing Machine.

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    cheapest i think is 400... no air con no internet no toilet...
    average is 500-700 ba 700 normally fully furnish liao...but anything more will be damn ex...

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    Thanks Dr disciple for your offer. But I hope to look for a cheaper one, no need aircon, hardly use PUB as I am currently in NS. Most of the time I will only be in the house on saturdays and sundays.

    But I will still need need a room to keep my stuffs. So still need to rent a room.

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    Hi blue coral you know 400 or 500 where to find?

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    which area u looking at ? cos the area will also increase the pricing...

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    Preferrably an area near central, no need orchard those places, areas like rocher, dorset, pek kio, KK, TPY, Novena all are good for me.

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    pek kio ?

    eh u can try AMK MRT station there ... the bus stop there got alot of rental sticker one...maybe got those cheap one ba...

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    Sibei sianz, now damm stressed up, must look for room.

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    Like that you might as well check into a backpacker's inn might prove even cheaper.
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    How is it your house getting smaller? You got wife with kids arriving soon?

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    Power, so your budget is between 400-500? Just a room to keep stuff and stay over the weekend is it? PM me your contact if you are serious about moving out soon.

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    upz for u!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Power View Post
    Preferrably an area near central, no need orchard those places, areas like rocher, dorset, pek kio, KK, TPY, Novena all are good for me.
    All these areas are the higher ranged ones.
    My area i know the rates are like $400~ w/o aircon

    Bugis i heard ~$600+
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    this is my tip for all of those who is looking for currently staying at SERANGOON NORTH AVE 4,BLK514 03-264.pls avoid renting at this add at all cost,i've been staying for 1year plus and things getting worse...The house got me,my gf and a indonesian guy which he rent on the M/room.the thing is the owner is very old and ugly but she is not the actual owner of this unit but her sister which more modern type of ppl put staying as an owner.

    Ok here goes the shocking part...the owner old lady fell in love with the indo guy but the indo guy dont know as he is very friendly to her.every time if the guy wash clothing then the lady will help him to iron his clothes and everything...come dude where got house owner so good wan help ppl iron clothing.if he went out on weekend she will open up his room and clean his toilet for him....omfg,but she treat us like SHIT....she say im the one who cause her PUB high....She say i got a lot of pc and big screen TV,come on i just have a gaming pc,my gf lappy and my 32inch sony tv is that not even have AC(where im renting without ac for 500 common room)but the indo guy oso i heard from him that he oso pay 500 for his master room with man....anyway im will moving out by the end of this month or 2nd of sept....just my warning to all single GUYS out there who is looking for room to rent....PLSSSS.....AVOID THE ADD I STAYING NOW....IM SORRY BRO IM HERE TO FLAME ANYONE BUT TO WARN PPL BOUT MY SITUATION...
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