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proyb2 M'mmmmm...

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Go________mouse, all new laptop should have this! proyb2 Jul 12th, 10, 07:56 PM #1

Last edited by proyb2; Jul 12th, 10 at 07:59 PM.. Reason: s
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Apple of my Eye.

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gizaflame Jul 12th, 10, 08:10 PM #2
OO..Save some space oh but seems complicated..

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ssxdots Jul 12th, 10, 11:55 PM #3
It would be excellent if the camera is smaller.
rickysio's Avatar

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rickysio Jul 13th, 10, 12:01 AM #4
Would probably take much less space once they use purpose built hardware instead of off the shelf items.
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GegeV2 Registered User

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GegeV2 Jul 13th, 10, 01:17 AM #5
for those who likes to tap their fingers.... >.<
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Xavior Lamb

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Xavior Jul 13th, 10, 05:50 AM #6
i think it's similar to another product... i believe it's the projection keyboard.
at least the concept is the same.
meep83 Hot Spring Turtle

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meep83 Jul 13th, 10, 12:12 PM #7
for a mouse, how accurate is it... can do CAD ? can play games ?
DragonFire To SMP or not to SMP?

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DragonFire Jul 13th, 10, 03:12 PM #8
Hmmm when I read the headlines I was envisaging a laptop powered by a battalion of hamsters running in dynamo equipped wheels.

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SwiftPolar Jul 13th, 10, 08:30 PM #9
the video show tlike the response a bit lag leh. not sure but quite nice but will feel quite weird just moving your hand
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