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CyberTron Registered User

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CyberTron Sep 9th, 10, 11:14 PM #16
I think if ya use those automatic one, there's no face to face check rite? So maybe he used that for the Malaysia custom, but SG? hmm....
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koohansen Sep 9th, 10, 11:18 PM #17
In January last year, a 73-year-old Singaporean woman went missing while on holiday with her family in Genting Highlands. Although she had mild dementia, she managed to make it back to Singapore without her passport or bus ticket.

Win liao...
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Entropy Sep 10th, 10, 10:07 AM #18
Originally Posted by Ideasmiths View Post
<Smack head + bang head against my table>.....you missed my joke first time lah,
Dont mind her... sometimes she "catch no ball".
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Ideasmiths Sep 10th, 10, 01:52 PM #19
Originally Posted by weightp View Post
in this case who to blame??
The wife, bloody stupid to leave her passport around like that. Caused all the trouble, she should be banned .....

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SmallWalrus Sep 10th, 10, 01:53 PM #20
How is it possible?
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eleewhm Sep 10th, 10, 04:21 PM #21
Originally Posted by Christine View Post
Hmm...good the luck to the officer involved. Sure kanna sack one.
good luck .. really
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Mobile_Crazy Sep 10th, 10, 06:18 PM #22
Originally Posted by Ideasmiths View Post
Er....as per MAS regulation, you need to Adobe Photoshop these with the words "SAMPLE" on these images.

Okay, fun question for all.......WHY if you see those newspaper cuttings where they have $x dollars lucky draw, you will see the money with the words printed "SAMPLE" on it?
think specimen is the better word to use...

Originally Posted by SmallWalrus View Post
How is it possible?
yaeh how is it possible...

when ever i go in jb, they ask me take out my helmet and check...
some times ask me for ic/passport no, sometimes ask for my ic...
(cause my passport photo is taken 6 years back when i was 14 years old)
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StoneWilson Sep 10th, 10, 06:50 PM #23
who know the officiers' names? i plan to go to SG when they are on duty. Lol~
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cygig Sep 10th, 10, 11:48 PM #24
If liddat can go thru. How about fake passport?
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