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ject Jan 26th, 07 10:33 AM

Singapore RO & Lineage2 server!!
Hi guys, i'm here to introduce you all animeconnection server!

this is a private Ragnarok server with a nice population and lag free, the rates for ro is 6/6/6/4. this host is in singapore so most players are sgrean too!

they also have a Lineage 2 server, started last year december i think. the rate is as followed, 6/6/4/4.

both server are hardcore server i think, no point playing high rate server cos everyone will be l33t.

the best thing about this server is that it is not a donation server so you play for free!! so come guys! if you are bored and nothing to do or play dota but kana pwn by mher, come join this! it is fun!


website: http://www.animeconnex.com/
to register an account:
1) register it's forum account
2) login the account
3) click the "account" tab at the top of the site
4) click on "game account" at the left hand side
5) choose to create an RO or L2 game account

to download it's game client:
For RO,



For L2,


you must download all parts in order to install. the size for this game is 2.8gb and you need winrar to extract it.


you will need these in order to play in the private server;
1) Lineage 2 C5 retail (this is the game client)
2) Forum account
3) game account

1) go to your drive "\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc" and access into the file call "hosts".
2) edit the hosts file with notepad
3) at the bottom of the notepad press enter to insert a new line and insert this.
" l2authd.lineage2.com"
Save it.

4) your spyware detector or virus scanner may alarm you about the changes, ignore them cos this is the way to join a private l2 server.
5) download and patch your client with the offical
6) after patched, click on the "check file" to confirm you have the right file for playing(this takes awhile).
7) start the game and log in! :)

mothred Jan 27th, 07 01:47 PM

Wow! thanks man!! i wanted to play lineage 2 for years already but the official is p2p. hehe i'm going to download it and play now. review your server when i'm in! :D

version10 Jan 27th, 07 01:52 PM

played in there before already...been in there for more then 1 year already and left...seriously its kinda screwed up...

*no offense*

*backs away*

Would reccomend any other servers except Animeconnection

SYY Jan 27th, 07 03:16 PM

some pple like it wen exp is low n others like it wen it is high...hard to comply wif everyone's wants can dey??

ject Jan 27th, 07 06:11 PM

the server is pretty strict in their rules. no botting no dual clienting other then that, they are pretty ok.

if you are talking about 1 year ago acRO, (i think you played the obt) they have wipe it due to unfixable bug and it's host file is very old. they change it to a new host which is quite stable. and for this L2, it is only recently launch. one month old. :)

btw, if it is pretty screw up like what you have said, why did you stay for a year since it is screwed up? quite contridicting.. no offense though..

SYY Jan 27th, 07 07:19 PM


Originally Posted by ject
the server is pretty strict in their rules. no botting no dual clienting

dis is quite same as usual private svrs...if dey let u bot den u might as well bot in da global svr rather den bot in private svrs..

version10 Jan 28th, 07 03:07 PM

in fact to say, i was a Game Master in that server for quite awhile :) so i stand my rights to criticize the way they/we are/were handling the system :)

why not tell us about the average number of players that are on at the time? :)
how many active GMs can be found in the server at a time?:)

ject Jan 28th, 07 03:52 PM

oh well, the obt used to have a long list of corrupted GMs that was banned from the server (corrupted GM recruit their own friends into the gmship/help players to level up/ give out goodies to guildmate). that is why the acRO wipe the old server and remake a new 1. i played this server longer then you do as i was 1 of those sgro players.

i think you should answer my first question why did you stay for a year since it is screwed and do you mind telling me your GM nick or in game nickname? :)

mothred Jan 28th, 07 06:17 PM

hey review time!

the download is quite fast i get 200kbps download for all the 3 file from the vgpro site but i cannot download from the 2nd site you gave. http://download.mmosite.com/download.php?id=1246 <--- broken link you might want to fix it.

the registration is messy imo.. i have to register forum then game account then i can make an account for the game i want. maybe you could ask the administrator to change it a little so it is idiot proof.

erm the L2 server i pinged at 7ms which is good and the players in game helps me a lot, they gave me items and money! :D about the rates and stuff, i'm not sure if it is too hard or too easy, never played L2 before. hehe
It's community is rather small, it just started a month ago am i right? i hope more players could come over here and try it out.

version10 Jan 28th, 07 06:38 PM

why should i list down my GM name when I have already been gone ^^

i played for a year because i had nothing better to do i admit ? ^^

now that i answered back to my questions

why not tell us about the average number of players that are on at the time?:)
how many active GMs can be found in the server at a time to answer people questions??

ject Jan 28th, 07 07:09 PM

lol sounded like one of those gms i mention above else why not you tell me your in game nick or gm nick? anyway, i don't know why do you want to know how much is the amount of the community but to satify you. here is a picture shot i took at 15mins ago.


population is small but nice community.

ject Jan 29th, 07 03:45 PM

the link is working. maybe it is your browser that is having problem. :)

babygirl16 Feb 2nd, 07 05:16 PM

hihi! i have installed the lineage2 but i cannot connect it to the server. how do you connect it hur?? ;)

hohk Feb 2nd, 07 08:41 PM

is there any way to speed up my connection if i am under a proxy server? i always get periodic lag when i connect under a proxy.

xPOISONe Feb 4th, 07 01:44 AM

many people inside the server?

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