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    Thumbs up Samsung Galaxy Note (Dark Blue/Black)


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    xxxx8236 at $800.

    upz upz upz

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    8766 @ $850

    upz upz

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    2389 @ $860

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    The thread states buy price of $850 and I offered that price. You said deal and if you can accept that receipt states a different price. I responded by saying OK. Now you got a higher offer for $10 more and you're backing out? Is this right? For a couple of tens of dollars?

    Do some reflection pls.

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    My offer price of $850 is withdrawn. Buyers beware.

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    Am on the phone and cannot reply your sms, you say i bridge your deal.

    The post was updated to reflect the highest price in case you withdraw. And I update the price you quote while I just send you an SMS.

    If you choose to withdraw like now cos I was on phone cannot reply your sms and I close my thread, isnt I at losing end.

    I have not even contact the buyer at $860 per say as I am dealing with you.

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    sold to silverspy after clearing the misunderstanding.

    Sold thread closed.

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