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AMD Enthusiast Dinner Event (29 Nov) - Win ASUS HD6970s, Kingston SSDs and RAMs! lennardseah Nov 18th, 11, 07:24 PM #1

EDIT: invitations have been sent out to 60 radeon enthusiasts

Speaker: Sasa Marinkovic - Head of Desktop and AMD Software, Product Marketing

Topic: AMD: Enabling Visual Communications - People are visual beings. We process pictures and videos 400 to 2000 times faster than words. Come and see how AMD is enabling the next era of computing.

Date: 29th Nov 2011 Tuesday
Time: 7.30 - 9pm (7pm registration)
Venue: TASTE Restaurant @ IBIS Hotel Bencoolen
Who: 60 Top Enthusiasts BY INVITE ONLY - indicate your interest to attend in this forum thread and we will contact you by forums PM by 25th Nov 2011 (Friday)
Buffet Meal Type: Singaporean

Lucky Draw Prizes: (Prizes generously sponsored by ASUS Singapore and Kingston)
2 x ASUS EAH6970 DCII/2DI4S/2GD5

2 x Kingston SH100S3B/120G

2 x Kingston KHX1866C11S3P1 K2/8G

1 x AMD FX Water Cooling Kit (Chip not included)

VIP Info:

Sasa Marinkovic
Head of Desktop and AMD Software, Product Marketing
Sasa Marinkovic is leading AMD’s Desktop and AMD Software product marketing team. In his role, Sasa is responsible for developing and implementing product marketing strategy, plans and tactics in order to ensure AMD products and platforms are successfully introduced to the market and continue to be successful after launch.

Prior to joining the AMD Headquarters team, Sasa was Head of EMEA product and Field Marketing, responsible for AMD’s consumer and commercial product positioning, growing AMD’s presence in the channel as well as brand and marketing communications. Sasa holds a number of patents among which is PowerXpress.

Sasa came to AMD via the acquisition of ATI in October 2006. He joined ATI Technologies in 1996, after graduating from the University of Toronto where he received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Sasa currently resides in Toronto, Canada.
This event is by invite only - interested forum members should indicate their interest to attend ("I love radeons and i'm interested to come") in this forums thread, and we will select 60 top enthusiasts and send invites out by forums PM on 25th November 2011 (Friday).
- to keep the quality of the attendees high as this is rather technical, we will pick according to post count (>100) and reputation.

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kohroyston Nov 18th, 11, 08:04 PM #2
I love radeons and i'm interested to come

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alpha1ma Nov 18th, 11, 08:07 PM #3
I love radeons and i'm interested to come
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sil96verman Nov 18th, 11, 08:09 PM #4
I love radeons and i'm interested to come
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maylyn Nov 18th, 11, 08:10 PM #5
I love radeons and i'm interested to come
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was here.

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bianco Nov 18th, 11, 08:11 PM #6
I love radeons and i'm interested to come

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evanshuang Nov 18th, 11, 08:11 PM #7
I love radeons and i'm interested to come
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enrell Nov 18th, 11, 08:12 PM #8
I love radeons and i'm interested to come

wah...those people above me all >5k posts..
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KIANTECK Nov 18th, 11, 08:17 PM #9
I love radeons and i'm interested to come
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kitaeshi Nov 18th, 11, 08:23 PM #10
I love radeons and i'm interested to come
crimson- (x3m)
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crimson- (x3m) Nov 18th, 11, 08:37 PM #11
learn more about future developments and stand a chance to win stuff as well? Whoa I am interested to come!
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hg_wng Nov 18th, 11, 08:47 PM #12
I love radeons and i'm interested to come
Jarrax Registered User

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Jarrax Nov 18th, 11, 08:50 PM #13
I love radeons and i'm interested to come
DragonFire To SMP or not to SMP?

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DragonFire Nov 18th, 11, 08:53 PM #14
Noooo Reservist! Noooo!

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MachBot Nov 18th, 11, 09:05 PM #15
I like cookies.

Got something on on that day..
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