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    Talking Some hardcore benching with EVGA dual CPU board

    Yeah the god of OC is back and it is happening now

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    Awaiting the figures

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    just hangin out with Visionary and Yan Stone guy

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    WOW WOW WOW....

    I seriously dunno if I'm in the right position to say this, but...

    Welcome back!
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    5 figures on cpu scores?

    great job there sir...

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    Wow! nice to see those benchies from Shamino and Ah Yan! Where's happening?
    look likes a 12 cores 24 threads there?
    Huge board there.
    More benchies Sir
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    Wow.... nice board!

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    OMG...My score still far far away

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    bit more today:

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    monster numbers!!

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    EVGA's new server board!!! Still an ES?
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    iverson!!! WTH did you go??? so long didnt see you!

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    nice to see shamino back in action!!
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