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    Want to learn singing? i teach at low rate

    hey, people
    i am Max,17 currently studying in bmc

    anyway have you ever wanted to learn how to sing?

    i been trained by a few teachers like
    Peter Tan (Stefanie Sun's teacher,kelly Poon's teacher,etc)
    (Music Clinic)
    Anthony Png(judges of superstar,etc)
    Tommy Lim
    (Music Story)
    for 5 years

    in 2007:i taught a friend of mine,Parry Lim for 3 months and when he first started, he cant even hit a stable note
    but as he progress on,he improved and he won Beatty superstar as first place
    to add on he further moved on to the cluster school zone singing compertation and won first among the few schools

    i offer vocal trainings

    $35 for solo (1 hour)
    $25 per person for 2 people (1 hour)
    $20 per person for 3 people (1 1/2 hour)

    all lessons are conducted at my place in the AV room which is fully equipped with mics,sofas,projectors,curtains,air-con,etc etc etc

    contact me personally for more info and bookings @
    81128778 or
    and i will personally train you up
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    for since i am starting up there will be 1 FREE TRAIL per student
    and a promotion rate of $30/per hour for solo for the first 3 months

    and if you think thats expensive do check out other singing schools that charges $70+ per hour for solo and $40-50+ per person for group