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SALES:HP Original Cartridges mr_xx_men Dec 25th, 05, 11:17 AM #1

Offering Original HP25 51625 Cartridge @ $10.
For Model:
HP DeskJet 200
HP DeskJet 310 Series
HP DeskJet 320
HP DeskJet 340 Series
HP DeskJet 400 Series
HP DeskJet 420 Series
HP DeskJet 500 Series
HP DeskJet 510
HP DeskJet 540
HP DeskJet 550 C
HP DeskJet 560 Series
HP DeskWriter 310
HP DeskWriter 320
HP DeskWriter 400
HP DeskWriter 540 C
HP DeskWriter 550 C
HP DeskWriter 560 C
HP DeskWriter C
HP DeskWriter 340
HP DeskWriter 500 C
HP DeskJet 450
Apollo P-1200
Apollo P-1220 Barbie Printer
Apollo P-1250i
HP DeskJet 340cm
HP DeskJet 340cv
HP DeskJet 400L
HP DeskJet 420c
HP DeskJet 420wbt
HP DeskJet 500c
HP DeskJet 560c
HP DeskWriter 540M

Offering Original HP45 51645 Cartridge @ $15.
For Model:
Deskjet 1100C DeskJet 820Cxi DeskJet 850C DeskJet 870Cxi OfficeJet Pro 1150C Deskjet 1120C DeskJet 710C DeskJet 720C DeskJet 722C DeskJet 815C DeskJet 830C DeskJet 880C DeskJet 890C DeskJet 895Cxi OfficeJet Pro 1170C OfficeJet Pro 1175C OfficeJet R45 OfficeJet R65 OfficeJet T45 OfficeJet T65 Colour Copier 290 DeskJet 1220C DeskJet 6122 DeskJet 6127 DeskJet 950C DeskJet 959C DeskJet 960C DeskJet 970Cxi DeskJet 980C DeskJet 980Cxi DeskJet 990CM DeskJet 990Cxi DeskJet 995C OfficeJet G55 OfficeJet G85 OfficeJet G95 OfficeJet K60 OfficeJet K80 PhotoSmart 1115 PhotoSmart 1215 PhotoSmart 1218 PhotoSmart 1315 PhotoSmart P1000 PhotoSmart P1100 DeskJet 1600C DeskJet 1600CM DeskJet 1600CN DeskJet 9300 DeskJet 930C DeskJet 930CM

Offering Original HP29 51629 Cartridge @ $10.

For Model:
HP DeskJet 600C, 660C, 670, 680C, DeskWriter 600, 660, 680, and 694 printers
HP Printer-Scanner-Copier 300 Series
OfficeJet 500, 600, 700 Series
HP Fax 910, 920

If interested, pls sms mobile: nine, six, four, eight, three, five, zero, nine

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