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    AMD 2012 Desktop Roadmap Leaked has leaked a confidential roadmap summarizing AMD's 2012 desktop platforms. While AMD's Scorpius 2011 platform is yet to release fully, it will be succeeded by the Corona platform in 2012. This features the Komodo CPU, featuring up to 10 Piledriver CPU cores and Turbo 3.0. Unfortunately, Komodo will fit into a new CPU socket, with FM2 succeeding AM3+. Hudson D4 FCH, contains an upgraded southbridge with native USB 3.0 support. The northbridge is likely to be integrated into the CPU.

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    AMD 2012 Desktop Roadmap Leaked

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    To be honest, I am starting to have doubts about all these AMD' roadmap. So far, they have not been able to stick close to it and the chances of delays are very high. They probably have ggod chips coming up, but these delays make them very uncompetitive.

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    I agree with watzup ken

    It says 2012 release but my mind is braced for 2013.... I guess everyone remembers the Bulldozer delays...I waited for it until my neck is uber long

    We'll see how it goes...if they can release piledriver before I upgrade late 2012 then maybe I'll consider it
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