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Myspace Hack spreading like wildfire: SPAIRLKAIFS bbmf Jul 17th, 06, 11:50 AM #1

Well, well. Somebody has managed to hack Myspace.com with a flash based redirect that exploits what is apparently a gaping wide hole in the Myspace code. If you are signed into Myspace, and you go to a friends page, and then find yourself redirected to a blog post containing a diatribe about how the United States government is behind the 9/11 attacks, then your account has been hacked, and everyone who visits your page will be infected!! Yes, it's true, at least for now - everybody who visits an infected profile while signed into their Myspace account will have their page hijacked!
The solution is rather simple: Go to your home page, and click on edit profile, remove the line below (and only the line below) from your About Me section: (I added some "f's" to the code so it won't work here)

fembed ffallowscriptaccess="fnever" src=

It's possible that the line above will be the only line you see - in that case, remove it all, and be sad if you had a custom template installed, because chances are you will have to re-install it.

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[S8NIST] Jul 17th, 06, 09:46 PM #2
probably some skrpt kdy mukin about , i dislike myspace

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