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PCGH: Triple-SLI benchmarked! Fr3ak Dec 12th, 07, 09:57 PM #1

The German print and online magazine PC Games Hardware had the opportunity to bench Nvidia's tripple-SLI. The benchmarks have been done using Crysis and some other games. Unfortunately a unreleased Crysis build with number 5837 was used which seems to be optimized for triple-SLI. This new patch will be publicy available in a couple days.

So far only te 8800 GTX and 8800 Ultra are capable of running triple-SLI. What else is needed to run triple-SLI?

- 3 Geforce 8800 GTX or Ultra cards
- a 3-way-SLI_Connectorboard (or as a alternative: 2 very short and 1 very long SLI-bridge)
- a mainboard with 3 PCI-E-x16-slots (680i or the upcoming 7x0i)
- the right Forceware driver (in this case 169.18 was used)
- a PSU that is strong enough to provide enough juice =)

Nvidia recommends using at least a 1,100W PSU. The Thermaltake Topower that was used in the test was really stressed. The kill-a-watt-device showed a total power consumption of 819W.

The benchmarks were done with a system that Nvidia provided. It's specs are:

CPU: Core 2 Quad Q6850 @ 3000 MHz (333x9)
Board: Asus P5N32-E SLI with Nforce 680i-Chipsatz
RAM: 2x1,024 MiByte Corsair Dominator
OS: Vista 32 Bit (Enterprise Edition)

As tests were used:
• Crysis Build 3857, PCGH-Ice-Benchmark
• Unreal Tournament 3, PCGH-vCTF-Suspense-Benchmark
• Fear v1.08, int. performance-test
• Company of Heroes, int. performance-test

VGA: 3x XFX Geforce 8800 Ultra (612/1,512/1,080 MHz)
Driver: Forceware 169.18

The pictures speak for themselves =)

Link to the (German) article: http://www.pcgameshardware.de/?article_id=624620

Link to the picture-galerie: http://www.pcgameshardware.de/?menu=...mage_id=747468

(Click into the picture to enlarge it, "nächstes Bild" means next picture)

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zyml89 Dec 13th, 07, 01:19 AM #2
This is really overkill...
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CD82 Dec 13th, 07, 02:48 AM #3
This Tri-SLI crap is ridiculious.
And where are you suppose to get a tri-sli bridge or extra sli bridges?
Most of the time they are equipped with the motherboard.

Speaking of the bridge my old Asus board came with one even though it does not
support SLI (it uses a Intel 945p chipset).
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Fr3ak Dec 13th, 07, 02:54 AM #4
Here is a link to the performance graphs:


(Click into the picture to enlarge it, "nächstes Bild" means next picture)
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MrBungle Dec 13th, 07, 02:58 AM #5
i don't understand the point of this. besides Crysis, all the other games they tested can easily be maxed by a single Ultra at high resolutions. this is purely for bragging rights.
giorgadzed Guest

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giorgadzed Dec 13th, 07, 04:14 AM #6
Quite interesting....
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acefuhrer Dec 13th, 07, 05:54 AM #7
I'd rather wait for the GeForce 9 series.
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RenesisX Dec 13th, 07, 07:19 AM #8
super gay..

CPU: AM2+ Phenom II 1090T X6
M/B: Gigabyte 790FX-DQ6
RAM: Kingston 800/2GBX4 CL5-5-5-15
Display: Philips 4207
HDD: Raptor 150, WD320, SG500x4, SAM2TB
DVD: SH-S182M SB06 & GSA-H44L SB01
Case: CM ACS Classic
PSU: FSP 1000W
Audio: Razer 7.1 & Altec Lansing VS4121
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit
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Vittra Dec 13th, 07, 07:46 AM #9
cant wait for gfx 9 series also....
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penguin1 Dec 13th, 07, 07:48 AM #10
yep yep
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Hurricaneboi Dec 13th, 07, 08:28 AM #11
heat + power draw
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HumsterMKII Dec 13th, 07, 09:39 AM #12
Sad to say, it will probably only work sometime, after the first 9 series appear. Which means roughly the 2nd gen 9 series.
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Ske7ch Dec 13th, 07, 12:50 PM #13
150% performance increase over a single Ultra only (Crysis - Benchmark from Tweaktown news) and you have to spend about $3500. Wow.
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