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CoolerMaster : Cosmos S(torm) GoriLLakoS Jan 11th, 08, 12:43 AM #1

After the very well known series of Coolermaster Cosmos RC-1000 , Coolermaster immediately made a litlle remake on this case with a name : Coolermaster RC-1010 ESA ! Today Coolermaster announced at CES which is held in Las Vegas the new Case that will maybe(?) replace the old Cosmos ! The new case is called "Cosmos S" and the "S" stands for Storm ! It is lighter than the previous one by 7kg, reaching the 10kg in total and it is full made by Aluminum ! It has 10 X 5.25" Bays and the front panel looks like a Stacker without the Alu door! It has enough space for 13 X 3.5" HDDs and it can handle up to 3x 4-in-3 Device Modules !
Furthermore, the top part of the Cosmos Storm can handle a 3X120mm Radiator and the case can handle in totel 9 X Fans ! ! !
Cosmos S has an SLI Certification and one of the side panel features a 23mm silent Fan !
The I/O is not a standard one like the previous version but it has touch buttons!
We expect it worldwide in about 2 months and less and the end user price(in EU) will be between ~190€-200€
We are looking forward to see it closely

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larrytok Jan 11th, 08, 02:33 AM #2
cool.. :
Furthermore, the top part of the Cosmos Storm can handle a 3X120mm Radiator and the case can handle in totel 9 X Fans ! ! !
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indigoshah Jan 13th, 08, 01:40 AM #3
tis casing is hot stuff. lol. so nice!
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Smith Jan 13th, 08, 08:00 PM #4
Any idea wat is the stock PSU?
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hwmook Jan 13th, 08, 08:15 PM #5
Originally Posted by Smith View Post
Any idea wat is the stock PSU?
doesn't come with any.
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FireFrog Jan 14th, 08, 01:10 AM #6
not that nice.. haha
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penguin1 Jan 14th, 08, 02:09 AM #7
DAMN siew...
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Sargeant_Savage Jan 14th, 08, 03:35 AM #8
Just what I wanted--an aluminum Cosmos
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maverick317 Jan 14th, 08, 10:03 AM #9
Wow, it looks very nice.
shard Senior Member

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shard Jan 14th, 08, 11:17 AM #10
Quite nice. Is it available now?
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weib Jan 14th, 08, 12:02 PM #11
i doubt so, just unveiled in CES, will take some time to reach our shores.
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[S8NIST] Jan 14th, 08, 11:32 PM #12
hmm... il get
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JoOs7eR Jan 14th, 08, 11:33 PM #13
looks good... wait for review
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LunaMeister (x3m) Jan 15th, 08, 01:53 AM #14
IF this have an option to opt for clear side window, i'll definately get this!
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shadowblade Jan 15th, 08, 11:38 PM #15

found this pic on 1 swedish webby
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