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Christine Feb 23rd, 12, 09:07 PM #16
Elevator broke down then how?
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raidorz Feb 23rd, 12, 09:31 PM #17
Like in Halo!

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llwzll Feb 23rd, 12, 10:07 PM #18
imagine the fkin ear pressure it's gonna cause , i can't even stand 50 floor elevator already :/
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Bonn Feb 23rd, 12, 10:22 PM #19
Need wear a special suite to go that high up. I think too many logistics and other issues will crop up. Make the elevator too heavy to be able to reach that desired height.
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rickysio Feb 23rd, 12, 10:58 PM #20
NASA already runs a competition regarding this.
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moneygod Feb 23rd, 12, 11:14 PM #21
Has anyone every read Old Man's War by John Scalzi?
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user_manutd Feb 23rd, 12, 11:21 PM #22
The idea of building a space elevator by use of the centrifugal force due to earth's rotation has been around for quite some time.
Its only until now that Japan has the crazy balls to really PLAN to/and BUILD such a structure.
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allanzzz Feb 24th, 12, 01:06 AM #23
saving $ now
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goenitz33 Feb 24th, 12, 10:02 AM #24
Space Bridge xD

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rockerboy Feb 24th, 12, 10:02 AM #25
if the lift make of glass then song
DragonFire To SMP or not to SMP?

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DragonFire Feb 24th, 12, 10:15 AM #26
All the best and kudos. It takes people with balls and conviction to try something with so much potential to offer the human race a technological quantum leap.

If they succeed, even if it takes a hundred years or more it will be a breakthrough rivaling the development of the microchip.

If they fail, materials science will nevertheless be helped along by their attempts to solve the issues facing the project.

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Dark Templer
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Dark Templer Feb 24th, 12, 11:30 AM #27
won't be suprise if they can make it... may be 1st proto type Gundam appear...
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goenitz33 Feb 24th, 12, 11:36 AM #28
Countries in fact humans on a whole should do more of such developments.

instead of who can make the bigger and more powerful gun/bomb -.-

i think one day before any external factor, humans will wipe each other first.
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hakmah Feb 24th, 12, 03:11 PM #29
celestial beings!
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