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Romania wins MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2011 VRNews Oct 10th, 11, 06:39 PM #1

Professional level overclocking has become a very competitive sport, mind you, it's only really competitive within the community itself but that hasn't stopped the motherboard manufacturers to host competitions for the world's best overclockers. Friday saw the fourth annual MSI Master Overclocking Arena final in Taipei with competitors from all over the planet compete to become the world champion, or at least the world champion using MSI motherboards to overclock with.

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Romania wins MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2011

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spyboy48 Oct 10th, 11, 09:51 PM #2
when is Asus going to host such a world overclocking event?
been many years since it was started in year 2006.
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yantronic Oct 16th, 11, 12:11 AM #3
173 point lead in the least tweak-able benchmark. That's some good speed advantage!
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