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Kinc Guest

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Crossfire shows it's muscles in 06 :) Kinc Sep 13th, 06, 08:45 AM #1

I'm still running my pretty messed up rigg consisting of a bad cascade cold X6800 and a X1950Master + X1900XTX. For the first time in a while ATI is showing some potential in 06. Look at the SM3.0/HDR score

X1950Master @ 783/1143MHz (water cooled)
X1900XTX @ 891/873MHz (cascade cold)

Next: Mousepots allover and Liquid Nitrogen.

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clon22 Sep 13th, 06, 10:41 AM #2
both cards @ different clock speeds...
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Shamino Sep 13th, 06, 10:41 AM #3
kinkkkkkyky thats bad arseee
i guess we shouldn't be writin off ati in 06 then...
question: any penalty w running diff clocks on cards? 05 gave crappy scores the last i tired.
wah looks like ati tweaked drivers for canyon flight quite a bittt
for 10mhz core 10mhz mem increase, for eg, how much does score go up?
what would u say be the score for x1950CF @ 920/1500?
Kinc Guest

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Kinc Sep 14th, 06, 02:45 AM #4
Yeah 05 runs split screen in GT3 so no good with different clocks there. I though nature in 01 gained alot but as it seems is also limited as 05. With a good -100C master card X1950 Crossfire could hack n slash the ORB pretty bad
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reddevil0728 Sep 14th, 06, 04:35 PM #5
I will not procrastinate, I will start tomorrow!

Whatever floats your boat... It takes two hands to clap.
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longsiew Sep 14th, 06, 04:39 PM #6
At this rate score for HDR gonna break 8k soon
Marioace Registered User

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Marioace Sep 15th, 06, 08:44 AM #7
the first image was updated with the new score

Mousepot on X1950Master @ -25C (not coldbugged, just saving ln^^)
Btw these solid mousepots for gpu are insane. Temp stable with +-0.5C
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MickeyMouse Sep 15th, 06, 09:06 AM #8
Soon these x1950's will tear up some orb spots!!

awsome work Kinc!!
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