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nearaw1994 Registered User

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Dual Monitor Colour Problem nearaw1994 Mar 7th, 12, 12:39 AM #1

I have a dual monitor set-up through desktop configuration.
Each is a different monitor.

Each of my monitor seems to display a different colour even
though i have tried adjusting brightness,contrast & gamma.

Does anyone know how i can get both monitor to display
exactly the same colour calibration ?

Thanks for the help in advance.

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Mo21 Mar 7th, 12, 01:39 AM #2
you have to do it manually:

"Use the following website to adjust both screens:

LCD monitor test images

Follow the instructions and adjust both screen at the same time step by step. This is mostly for brightness and contrast ratio. It will not help you with color accuracy though. For that you will have to manually tweak one of monitor's RGB settings in the OSD until you are satisfied. Then adjust the RGB settings of the other month until it visually matches as close as possible."

source: [Solved] Dual Monitor Display, Different Colors - Flat-Panels-LCDs - Computer-Peripherals
nearaw1994 Registered User

Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 114
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nearaw1994 Jul 8th, 12, 10:17 AM #3
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