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    X850XT & 7600gt, which one better choice?

    X850XT with 16ppc 256bit 520/1080 MHz
    7600GT with 12ppc 128bit 560/1400 MHz

    X850XT perform better with better graphic I think, but it cost about $100 more if I am not wrong.

    My friend ask me which one better choice, any suggestion?

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    I suggest you go for the cheaper one, which is likely to be 7600gt.
    Save the rest of the money for something else.
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    x850xt i think better but older gen of cards
    Whatever floats your boat...

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    7600 GT would be a better deal.

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    Ok, seem like 7600GT is better.
    Can 7600GT run F.E.A.R 1280x1024 @ full setting with playable frame rate?