Based on the CUDA™ architecture codenamed “Fermi”, the Tesla™ M-class GPU Computing Modules are the world’s fastest parallel computing processors for high performance computing (HPC). Tesla GPU’s high performance makes them ideal for seismic processing, biochemistry simulations, weather and climate modeling, signal processing, computational finance, CAE, CFD, and data analystics. The Tesla 20-series GPU computing processors are the first to deliver greater than 10X the double precision horsepower of a quad-core x86 CPU and the first GPUs to deliver ECC memory. Based on the Fermi architecture, these GPUs feature up to 665 gigaflops of double precision performance, 1 teraflops of single precision performance, ECC memory error protection, and L1 and L2 caches. Here are some success stories of the NVIDIA Telsa to share.

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NVIDIA Telsa Success Stories