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Thermaltake Tsunami Review cccp Aug 9th, 04, 07:42 PM #1

By Paul

Today we take a look at Thermaltake's latest desktop case, the Tsunami. With Thermaltake a relatively new player in the enclosure industry, is their newest case worthy of your next system? Come and take a look...


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Just my 2¢ worth Cannyone Aug 11th, 04, 07:46 AM #2
I really like this case. Yes, there are some things I might change. For instance I would relocate the "front I/O ports". Primarilly because I would like that area of the top of the case to mount a radiator. But if I was going to start cutting I could relocate the I/Os myself.

And in some ways I never do find many cases that I like which don't have a Door. At least this case's door isn't plastic! And I suppose I also like the idea of it being one long door. Just that it doesn't seem to open very far. And my case does sit to the right of me so the door might be a bit intrusive at times. This is compounded by the fact that my apartment isn't that spacious.

But I love the looks of this case, Isn't that supposed to be a valid "deciding factor"? Oh yeah, I would also be cooler and quieter than my current Antec. My one problem is that I'm already eating pure rice and beans to be able to afford a new video card. So coming up with the scratch for this isn't going to be easy.
rundymc Guest

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rundymc Aug 11th, 04, 06:13 PM #3
HEC copy
judging from the similarity betw this and the 6AU6 (which I have), I'd have to say this has one of the better interior designs on the market
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